Promoting the benefits for consumers and industry


Welcome to the Seaweed Health Foundation.

The Foundation was established in the public interest to ensure 3 important components of a global enterprise in human food seaweed:

A forum for applied research into the health benefits of native species

Certified production of nutritious seaweed to a world class standard

Reliable information of value to supporters, consumers and industry

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Core Purposes

The Foundation is a non-profit organisation with affiliated centres, governed by its Constitution and Core Purposes.

It was set up in 2010 by S. B. Ranger, a pioneering producer of human food seaweed in Norway from 1997 and in Scotland from 2009, and is administered by the Seagreens Trust.


Support Us

Individuals, businesses and organisations connected with or interested in the production, consumption and health benefits of nutritious food seaweed are invited to become Friends of the Foundation and donate or subscribe on a short or long term basis.